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tailor-made solutions

Freehold Solutions DMCC truly understands the unique difficulties of every distressed real estate development project. Every distressed project is different with its own objectives and we pride ourselves on providing a unique service which caters to every different need. Our expertise in Dubai’s real estate sector for distressed, stalled, and cancelled projects along with tailor-made software technologies and proprietary models enables us to take out relevant insights which are essential for finding the optimal solution.
With a successful track record of several years in project restructuring and investment recovery, we have been constantly innovating to adapt to ever-changing consumer trends in Dubai real estate. By working in collaboration with our clients, stakeholders, partners, and more, we ensure that every minute detail is paid attention to and the work goes beyond their expectation. Our primary tactical business units include investment recovery services, project acquisition advisory, and project restructuring for distressed projects.

Success Fee is our unique model of business

Our investment recovery services business model is based on “Success Fees”. This service is offered to clients who bought in a real estate project in Dubai and the project stalled or cancelled, so they seek the recovery of their investment. We do not charge to our clients any upfront fees in these cases. We provide our services in association with accredited lawyers. We have been collaborated, worked with, and formed partnership with Mohamed Alazazi Advocates & Legal Consultants. The firm specializes in real estate law and will represent our clients legally before all government authorities and Dubai Courts.

Project Restructuring for Distressed Real Estate

We’ll find you a bargain, and maximize investment returns

Our project acquisition advisory assists investors seeking an opportunity in distressed real estate projects in Dubai to acquire the right project for them. We will prepare a complete business plan with solutions, costs, profitability analysis, and risk factors. We also go the extra mile for our clients by handling end-buyers until completion of the distressed, stalled, or cancelled real estate project.

Real Estate Project Restructuring

abandonment is not in our lexicon!

We offer project restructuring because we understand the problems and difficulties that is facing every distressed real estate project. With our expertise, we find unique solutions to turn distressed, stalled, or cancelled projects into profitable, workable real estate investments across Dubai and beyond. This switch assists real estate developers in completing their projects to the satisfaction of their clients.

Strategically forming alliances with key global partners gives us an edge over everyone else in the distressed projects market. It also creates a promise of global quality standards which is reflected in every step we take. Our steady growth and success over the years is a result of our commitment to our clients and their unfettered trust and support.

We stand by you and guide you through each step of the process, from reviewing and assessment of the attributes of the case until success. This enables us to form strong bonds with our Dubai distressed project clients, making long-term relations with them. This is exactly what makes us successful, our constant need to satisfy our customers by going beyond the usual.


Our vision is to provide our clients with a comprehensive, integrated suite of advisory and recovery services, whilst providing international standards with local expertise. Freehold Solutions DMCC is rapidly becoming recognised as an industry-leading distressed real estate projects solution provider and investment recovery service in its target markets, especially Dubai. We have established an enviable track record which allows us to continuously grow organically in our field.


Freehold Solutions DMCC principally restructures investments for distressed real estate projects across UAE and offer unique investment recovery services. In addition, the company is looking to restructure real estate projects both locally and internationally. Through its experience in these markets, Freehold Solutions DMCC seeks to create a balance of both long-term value creations as well as short term reliefs for its distressed, stalled, and cancelled project investors. Our professionals are driven to constantly achieve results no matter the size of the investment or how large the challenge.