Brokerage Services

Full Service Real Estate Brokerage

for your peace of mind!

In partnership with Smart Real Estate LLC, such brokerage services allow you to buy and sell real estate properties around Dubai. The service acts as the middleman between the seller and the buyer. We believe that we have what it takes to actually make a difference in the real estate industry in Dubai and beyond. By providing a full spectrum of services, from the conception of an asset to its delivery, their  team of experts walk you through the entire process; offering the best deals and negotiations.

Realistic. Reliable. Resourceful

With Smart Real Estate LLC’s experience, imagination, innovation, and knack of connecting the right buyer to the right property, anything is possible. Years of experience has helped them perfect the ability of finding the right place for our distressed projects clients. There are numerous complexities that pop-up in the process of renting and buying in real estate. The company’s experience and organic growth enables us to understand these complexities and find our way through the details.

Full Service Real Estate Brokerage

every detail is overseen


 a smooth operation

Smart Real Estate LLC’s brokerages are in line with all Dubai Land Department and RERA requirements, along with all necessary qualifications. This enables them to deliver qualified, secure, and proper advice throughout the brokerage process. We are here throughout to answer all your queries and solve unexpected problems, however and whenever they may arise. They  provide you with the following to ensure a seamless service:

  •  RERA Qualified Consultants
  •  Code of Ethics Compliance
  •  Area Specialisation
  •  Sector Specific (Residential, Commercial,   Industrial and Retail)
  •   Property Management
  •   Project Sales and Marketing