Real Estate Project Restructuring

a complete take-over!

Freehold Solutions provides comprehensive services to distressed or underperforming projects and their stakeholders. We offer optimal restructuring options to distressed projects and the stake holders looking for an exit or a way to rationalise their relationship to the project. We work in partnership with our clients to evaluate, plan, and implement a restructuring solution for any size distressed, stalled, or cancelled real estate projects in Dubai. Our teams combine the attributes required based on each unique project, whether it be design related, financial, or legal, thus, delivering a tailor-made solution.


The first step is to understand the possible challenges and primary reasons why the distressed, stalled or cancelled real estate project isn’t successful. This information enables us to maximise the recovery opportunities, an essential step in mapping our solution plan. We conduct independent financial analyses, provide creditors with recommendations, support creditor-debtor negotiations, assist in clearance of non-core investments/assets and similarly assist in developing business plans for sourcing new capital that will carry the project forward.

Due Diligence

We also review end-buyer receivables that are going through financial stress, offering them with solutions to turn them into solid receivables that would assist the project’s cash-flow. All the following are taken into consideration to provide you the best of service: due diligence, legal resolution (in association with our partner Mohamed Alazazi Advocates & Legal Consultants), valuation (by qualified valuators), end-buyer negotiations, financial viability, and more. All this enables us to provide you an effective, practical solution for even to the most complex real estate situations.

The Strategy

We focus on the three essential factors: end-buyer negotiations, financial viability, and disposal. End-buyer negotiations involves face-to-face negotiations and addressing end-buyer concerns. Financial viability consists of appraisals, market pricing, SWOT analysis, cash flow, debt advisory, loan security valuations, and loan book reviews. Strategy focuses on asset management, cost saving, risk mitigation, repositioning, and value adding.