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We believe that the most distressed project has a high risk-reward relationship. We also understand that some investors are seeking high reward projects and are willing to bear the risk associated to such investment, while others are seeking moderate or low risk projects with reasonable returns. We consider this for all distressed, stalled, and cancelled project investors, in or out of Dubai.

Distressed Property Deals – Real Estate Experts

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At Freehold Solutions, we assist investors in acquiring the right distressed, stalled, or cancelled project while minimizing the risks associated with the investment. We study each project thoroughly and evaluate each case separately. We address all issues, problems, difficulties of the project and offer solutions to each. Our advisory service includes:

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This is the first step that we assist distressed, stalled, and cancelled project investors with around Dubai and internationally. Some investors choose the wrong type of project that would underperform contrary to their expectations. We identify all distressed project options that are available in the market and evaluate them to meet your particular requirements. We will advise investors in choosing the right asset from residential projects, hotel apartment projects, serviced apartment projects, and commercial buildings projects. Our commendable research capability and years of distressed real estate projects market knowledge in Dubai enables us to accurately study the market and take out insights that are relevant to your needs. These specific recommendations are highly beneficial for implementing acquisition strategies. We prioritise your best interests at all times, so there is no chance of a conflict of interest.

Fine tuning is our niche!

We seek the best solution to maximizing the net sellable area which will directly affect the profitability of the distressed, stalled, or previously cancelled project. From our experience, we noticed that many distressed projects designs do not optimally utilize the maximum sellable area. Additionally, old designs can’t be adopted at present due to the changing requirement of planning authorities, therefore a re-design is necessary for any older project prior to project start.

Legal due diligence

In association with our legal partner Mohamed Alazazi Advocates & Legal Consultants we will conduct a legal due diligence on the project. We will study reservation forms along with sale and purchase agreements signed between the project developer and the end-buyer. We will also evaluate the effect of the signed terms on the future of the distressed, stalled, or cancelled real estate project in Dubai. Additionally, we will submit enquire about legal cases opened against the project’s developer and the project so we can advise on the proper action to be taken.

Distressed Property Deals – Real Estate Experts

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We believe that transparent negotiations are a necessity in order to benefit the investor and the end-buyer. When done diligently, project acquisition leads to significant benefit in terms of finance and strategy. In terms of project acquisition advisory, we believe our differentiating point from every other player in the market is our face-to-face discussion with every individual end-buyer. Everyone has different needs; we believe it is essential to do due diligence in terms of understanding those needs and providing a service uniquely catered for the same. With numerous other features, we fulfil the need for both transparent and reliable consultancy. By truly understanding the needs and concerns for developers and end-buyers, Freehold Solutions prides itself in bringing the most important aspects together within the given budget and time period. Driven by our knowledge, market experience, and client successes, we ensure to make the whole process convenient and smooth for all parties involved, even keeping the assets                                                                                                                                                               within the project’s financials.

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We will prepare a business plan and an investment strategy that will cover a comprehensive financial plan, including profitability projections and cash-flow projections. Such strategy will guide the investor to making the right decision and acquiring the right distressed, stalled, or cancelled real estate projects for the budget within the investor’s capabilities.

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Some investors are not keen in managing the project design and construction, and they prefer to stay away of all the hustle of development. We offer a solution for distressed, stalled, and cancelled projects in the Dubai real estate market. After the submitting our investment strategy to the investor, we are willing to take the burden of development of the project until handover. In partnership with Smart Real Estate LLC, we will also assist the investor in selling all unsold units in the project. We will keep the investor informed of each milestone achieved as per the investment strategy and the investor will always have the right to review any detail at any point.